Hi everyone and thanks for your concern. Yes, I am worn out. I had the lung biopsy and the nodes are indeed positive from the colon cancer. My Oncologist suggested Erbitux, but I am looking into possibly getting some of them removed. I am seeing a cyber knife Dr and a Tomotherapy Dr. After taking folfox4 and avastin for so long and getting NO results I am very discouraged and decided to go a different route. I have been off chemo for a few weeks now (and feel great) because my platlets were soooo low. I ended up having to have a tranfusion for my biopsy becasue of them. So in the mean time I am seeing 2 new Dr. about the above treatments. Have any of you had either of these (on the lungs)? As I said before I hope you are all doing well. Please drop in and update me on YOU! :-)
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I was just thinking about you last night and wondering how you were. Thanks for the update. I am wishing it wasn't Monday morning. But nothing too exciting happening in my life. Going to see a neurologist tomorrow. Doctors always make me nervous now. Hope you have a great day. Sending you lots of healthy vibes to attack those damn tumors.
Sue, Good to hear from you. I am so sorry about the positive biopsy. I don't know anything about the things you mentioned looking into. I will be very interested in learning about what they tell you. I really hope they have good news for you. I remember so well about the blood transfusions. During my chemo in 1994 I had 4 blood transfustions during the 6 treatments. Everytime except the first and the last. I am glad you are feeling better. My love, thoughts and prayers are always with you. Hugs, Joyce
Just wanted to say hi! Love ya! Sherri
Sorry to hear of your not so good news... One day someone will find the key that unlocks all this garbage. I pray we see that day come soon. Blessings and health Mac
Sue - You are always on my mind. I am sad you are going through so much turmoil... no one deserves this, especially you. You are a beautiful person and I pray that things turn around and they get everything out with the cyber knife surgery! I hate cancer. I was just in Michigan for the 3-Day walk. I don't know if you saw it on television. It was exhausting, but very emotional and inspiring. I'm thinking of you always. Take care. Kelly
Sue, I am sorry about your biopsy results. I hate this disease so much. It causes bad things to happen to good people. I pray that whatever treatment you finally decide on, you will have great success. Be strong my lady, and know we are all with you. Gaile
Hello Sue, Special thoughts for you today to cheer up your day! You're in my thoughts and heart. Be strong and positive! God will help. Hugs,
Sue sorry to hear about your results. Let us know how the cyber knife goes. My tumors in my lung have not gone away either in fact they found more so I would be interested in your decision. Hang in there Cheryl
Just sending love from me to you!!
Sue, thank you for you kind words. I have some good news my feet are so much better I am seeing a acupuncturist In Livonia Michigan and she is wonderful and the treatments has stopped the effects of the Xeloda. I can put shoes on now and walk with out pain.. I only lost on toe nail so I feel pretty lucky. I talk to some patient at my clinic and they still are having problems with there feet... My hands are better also. Didn't you say you live in Michigan ?? if so I could give you My acupuncturist name and number. She only chargers 20.00 a visit, any how let me know I hope your doing better. My e-mail address volans5@comcast.net I know I need to reach out more but it is very hard for me. Since my husband died in 1990 I have been on my own with my daughter. She is a big help does most of the house work and the cooking etc. I spend all my energy doing my 40 hrs a week at work. I feel pretty lucky that I can still work. But I have to tell you there are days where I would stay in bed if I could. I have come the realization that my breast cancer will never completely go away. I just hope I can maintain my health to keep fighting it. My ct showed the tumors in my lung are still there and active but the ones in my limp nodes are gone that made me happy. I will deal with the ones in my lung. I am just as stubborn as they are. Please take care I think of you often and always say a prayer for you Cheryl
Dear Sue what do you mean by cyber knife and tomotherapy? Not sure.... My step mother had the same biopsy and she had the cancer removed. It was not an easy surgery in that it took time to heal, however it was good in terms of the time it gave her. It will be interesting to see what you find out with the other Dr.'s. Are they in the same hospital or are you going eleswhere completely? I am just curious. Of course this is just plain awful that you have to yet go through another bout of treatment. When will they ever get the cure we are all hoping for? Well you are strong and loving and nuturing and simply a wonderful girl. I hope you have great news and success with the new option. Weezie
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How it hurts soooo many people!

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animic--I also have lupus and this was found on a routine blood test. I had no other symtoms. Had I got a colonoscopy one year earlier at age 50, I probably would not have got cancer. Please have a colonoscopy at least by age 50! Earlier if there is a family history or if you have symtoms.

28 days after second surgery. Felt ok until the last week in which I was very tired.


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