sorry it has been so long...

My pet scan showed that only 'one' node is active! YEAH The chemo got the other one. I do have multi very very very small nodes that no-one knows what they are. They have been there a 'long time' and 'never' changed. My lupus Dr. thinks they could be enlarged lupus nodes (which people do/can get from lupus.) After getting this pet scan report the (cancer) Dr. seems to maybe agree. For this reason he (cyber knife Dr.) would like to biopsy one and see what they are. If they are are what we think they are then I will probably be getting the 'only one node that is active' cyber knife off! YES! This is a very easy and safe procedure and is done out at U of M Michigan. And, I am very excited to possibly be getting it! Thanks for your concern....Sue cyber knife enlarged lymph nodes in lungs possibly from lupus I have been on folox/Avastin for 10 months. I really got worn platlet levels got so low I had to stop Avastin after 6 treatments. Did 11 treatments out of 12 of the folfox. Worn the 5 FU pump for 2 days each time I got my treatments also. I hope your all hanging in there...this is hard. Sue
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It has been a long time. It was nice to hear from you. Keep in touch, let us know what you are up to. Hug Sherri
Sue it was nice to hear from you. Glad the treatments are working. I know how ruff it is being on treatment so long I am in my 10th month I hope to be finished by Mid Oct. sure need a rest as I know you do to. Take care Cheryl
Sue you are the eternal light of optimisim but I detect a weary note in your communication this time. I hope you are getting the support you need at home and with friends. I just think that all these treatments would wear down any person, given the length of time and the severity of the toxins. Don't feel badly that you are finding this hard and difficult. There isn't one person on this site who would dare to say they haven't felt that way too. So as small as being in this club of ours is; it also helps to know that we feel for you in a special way. I'm not sure how one goes about getting their energy back except, having rest, humour, good food, a change of scenery, a great ride on your horse and you know, the rest is up to you. It's a damn shame we have to work so hard through all this, to find some peace and renewal of life. I guess this is our test, so not much to say other than Cancer sucks. Take care Sue, always a pleasure to see you come back. Weezie
Sue, Weezie, as usual said it all. She is so good at saying the things I am thinking. Your news sounds like it could be much better than you expected, I pray that turns out to be true. And yes, you do sound tired. Keep strong and fight the evil inside. We are all here to support you and send our united strength. Gaile
Sue, What type of lupus do you have--systemic or darn, I can't remember the other one which I have but it is on my skin--in the top part of my scalp. Oh, I am taking chemotherapy for colon cancer, but I also have the ???? lupus supposed to be limited to the skin, but I have my doubts. I think it's gone to my gums. When my chemo brain gets back into gear, I'll tell you what the lupus I have is called. Darn, darn, darn! smile SweetE2
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May 1, 1952

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How it hurts soooo many people!

I live to the fullest everyday.

Pray for everyone's pain and suffering.

animic--I also have lupus and this was found on a routine blood test. I had no other symtoms. Had I got a colonoscopy one year earlier at age 50, I probably would not have got cancer. Please have a colonoscopy at least by age 50! Earlier if there is a family history or if you have symtoms.

28 days after second surgery. Felt ok until the last week in which I was very tired.


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