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A community of cancer survivors supporting each other.


(May 1, 1952 - November 19, 2009)

Vital Info

Sue (sue123)

June 27, 2007

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May 1, 1952

Cancer Info


June, 2003

Stage 4


Fluorouracil (5-FU)

How it hurts soooo many people!

I live to the fullest everyday.

Pray for everyone's pain and suffering.

animic--I also have lupus and this was found on a routine blood test. I had no other symtoms. Had I got a colonoscopy one year earlier at age 50, I probably would not have got cancer. Please have a colonoscopy at least by age 50! Earlier if there is a family history or if you have symtoms.

28 days after second surgery. Felt ok until the last week in which I was very tired.



Sue's Cancer Blog

Sue's Memorial
May 1, 1952 - November 19, 2009

candleThank you for trying so hard with me!!
by Kelly
by angie
candleSue, you are Safely Home now and your journey has just begun. You definitely earned your Angel Wings. Love & Miss you, Sue. God's Love With Angels Around Your Family Always.
by Gayle
candleI will miss you Sue. I'll never forget you.
by Kelly Gullo
candleWe miss you Sue, May God keep you close.
by Donna Richno
candleRIP - Prayers to your family.
by Joyce In NC
by Lori
candleMiss you
by Lisa
by Tami
candlerest in peace
by Rick
candleI love you forever, mom.
by Brett Wells
by khl8
candleMay your spirit live on in peace...
by Sonia
candleMay memories of you bring happiness!
by Larissa
candlePeace always
by Whyanyone
candlethere are no goodbyes , just good memories
by Valerie
candleyour spirit keeps us going. god loves you.
by Louise
candleThere is another bright star in heaven.
by Jill
candleAnother angel in heaven
candleOur sister, friend has been sent home
by Sherri
by Travis & Mandy
candlerest peacefully
by ambrian04
by Kim
candleMay God be with you
by Sharron
by Yuyu
candleMay GOD bless you in heaven.
by Cindy
candleSweet dreams dear one
by Kimbo
candleRest in Peace
by Smurf
candleSo many wonderful people leave us too soon.
by Nancy Glass
by Eli
candle"Lord make me an instrument of Thy peace;
by Jacques Ditte
candleYou have your "Angel's Wings" now ...
by Arend 'Odee' Lenderink
candleLight and love on your Journey and many prayers to your family
by ldbug
candleKnow you are loved.
by Lotahart2
candleRest in Peace
by Admin

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does anyone know anything about Gaile? I havent seen her here and am worried about her.
Sue, Gaile posted a comment to Kellye on November 7, 2008. Why don't you try leaving a comment to Gaile on the last post she did. Hugs, Joyce In NC
Sue-- I just checked out your blog for the first time. You haven't posted in awhile and I hope that you are doing okay. I joined this forum in November after undergoing treatment for anal cancer. I have had several friends who have had colon cancer, so I am interested in the blogs from your group too. I wanted to tell you that that is one great looking '63 Vette! I know it's a '63 because I am very much into the C2's and have done my homework! My husband and I own a '67 convertible and it's our baby. From one "Vette girl" to another, here's hoping that you are feeling well. Take care. Martha
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hi ...

Here we are at the end of another week. This one went a bit slower for me as I didn’t feel very well after my treatment for 2 days. When you feel good you forget all about how you had felt before while being on chemo therapy. I am lucky that there are these treatments for me, but sometimes they can really beat you up. I stayed on the couch for 2 days and I am (still) slightly feeling side effects at the moment. Go away side effects! If anyone out there has any help for me following a type2 diabetes diet please let me know. I recently had to go on some medication to help with my sugar levels, even though I follow the diet perfectly! I do have ’steroid induced’ type2 so I suppose this might be a major reason that I am having problems…? It looks as though winter in slowly moving in even though we had 70′ and higher this week for a few days! Today it is gloomy–cloudy–sprinkling rain–a good day to just sit back and read a good book or catch up on some needed sleep. I joined facebook this week with my relatives. I had never heard of it! What a great way to catch up with family and friends, without having to email! If interested just go to and check it out. I am off now to finish up dinner–smells good simmering in the oven.. Be well my friends.. time is flying.. I wonder where the time goes. Seems like I wake you and then it is time to go to bed! It is fall and all the beautiful leaves are colorful and dropping on the ground. Fall is so pretty here, but it does remind us all what follows. Yup, that white stuff. Amanda and I had lunch and went shopping this week. I had a really great time with my favorite daughter in law! We shopped at Kohl’s, one of my favorite places to go. I just had to buy a few things for her to wear with her belly finally popping out! She looks so good pregnant! Did I tell you all that she is having a girl?? Yup, we are getting our girl! We are all elated! Her name is Isabella! I can’t wait to see our very first granddaughter! I had a nice little break off chemo and now I am back on. I had my second treatment this week. I go every week for it. I am doing pretty well on this one. Hope this holds true as time goes on. Chemo does make me very fatigued though and I hate that. As the week goes on I start getting my energy back and then it is time for another treatment… Oh and Bill and I even went to Pa. to visit relatives! It was a perfect weekend visiting with my cousins and their families and my favorite Aunt! We hadn’t been there in a very long time because of my treatments and me not being able to go that far from home–but with my chemo break we were also able to do this which made me very, very happy! Our boys and Amanda will be here for breakfast on Sunday. Brett and Amanda bring their little doggie with them. His name is Jango, and Jango thinks this is his second home! He has so much fun playing with everyone and going for short walks in our backyard! Jango is a tiny yorkie and ummm…something else but I forgot, but he is adorable! My friends and I went to another luncheon since I have been on here, and afterwards we all went to TJMaxx and shopped. I was feeling well because I was on my chemo break. We had fun, fun! I love my friends and spending time with them when I can! Nothing like going out to eat and then shopping together! Heheee Be well all…and drop a line here…
I put 2 post's one is more current. Sue
Sue, I am sorry the chemo is making you feel so bad. I remember how hard it was. It is tough stuff. My 10 years old grandson, Shawn, tells me often that he is going to find a cure for cancer when he grows up. I tell him that is wonderful and I hope and pray that he can. My late husband had diabetes. He was on pills and insulin. He said often that he felt the diabetes was worst than his heart problems. He got so frustrated with the diet he had to stay on. Exercise helped him keep his sugar low but because of damage to his heart muscle he could only do so much. If you are following your diet, I really don't know much to tell you. CONGRATULATIONS on your coming granddaughter. Grandchildren are so wonderful. I am on Facebook and MySpace. My daughter that lives in SC and I play Facebook Wordscraper all the time. I have made some wonderful friends on MySpace from all over the country and even some overseas. Have a wonderful Sunday breakfast with your family. My love, thoughts and prayers are with you. Hugs, Joyce In NC
Sue, type 2 is a hard one especially with the steroid I am in the same boat. It helps eating high protein diet the day of and after. I also believe my acupuncture treatments help stress and lack of sleep all play into it, and the acupuncture really helps with that. My sugar is only high the day after my treatments I have been a dietetic for years now even before I had the cancer. Keep some raw almonds around and have a handful through out your day. The fat in the almonds helps even out the sugars.. Let me know how that works for you. Cheryl
thx Cheryl and Joyce for your help. I do munch on nuts during the day too, and it does curve my carb cravings! I havent had even a piece of bread in 2 months, and no sugars or other carbs. Levels are still running 150-165 after 2 hour fastings. I guess I am going to have to go on 2 pills a day instead of one to help me more. I am taking Metformin. Thx again!!
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Has anyone been on Eritux? If so can you tell me about your experience--symtoms, results, how long on it etc? Were you on it alone or with a chemo therapy drug too? Id appreciate it, my Dr. wants me to go on it...Thx, Sue
Sue I haven't been on that drug but I will check around to see if there is anyone who has... Hang in there Your in my prayers Cheryl
Hi Sue; No I haven't heard of it either but I always find going to GOOGLE will take you to sites where people blog their thoughts on varying drugs. Weezie
Sue: here is a site to go to regarding the drug you were talking about I hope this helps ..If I find any other information I will post it. Good luck Sue, I am always thinking of you in your battle. You are one brave and wonderful gal. Weezie
Sue; Here is another website. Weezie
Hi Sue, I am new to this blog. However, I have read many of the blogs over the past year and I appreciate everyones posts. It really helped me in hard times. My husband has stage 4 colon cancer with mets to the liver diagnosed Oct. 2007. His first chemo treatment was Erbitux, Oxalyplatin and Xeloda for 8 weeks. The plan was for 3-4 months but this regiment worked great on getting rid of the cancer. My husband got a rash (like pimples) all over his face and chest. We got cream from the doctor to control the rash. Some say if you get the rash that it's a good sign. The Erbitux really shrunk his tumor so that he could do surgery sooner. My husband was to take Erbitux again after surgery but was tested for the K ras gene to see if Erbitux would still work but tumor mutated. So the erbitux won't work for us any longer. My husband felt like Erbitux did the most to rid cancer compare to the others. Read about all the side effects but it can really work well. Good Luck!
I have heard of that stuff it comes imclone and costs 30000 thousand dollars a month It is the company that got Martha Stewart in trouble. I understand they have to make a profit but gee wiz if it costs that much most people will never get it, so whats the good?
testing again
I've learned my lesson to sign in. The last time I wrote a novel, I lost the whole thing. Anyway, I took Erbitux w/ the Oxciliplatin and 5FU from Dec to June '08 (6 mos of hell) for my stage 3 c colon cancer diagnosis. I have my 1 yr colonoscopy recheck in a few weeks. Trying not to think about it. I had qualified for a drug study which one 'arm' included the erbitux. Usually it's only covered for metastatic cancers. I was included in the trial because my sigmoid colon tumor fit the bill by 1 cm. Way to go tumor! yay! (ha ha) And so if your Dr says let's start this, I would not say no. Onc. felt it would give me an extra 10-15% boost on my survival rate. WHOO HOO! (but it least it's SOMETHING) Now I'd get the basic steroid and antinausea drug first, then the Erbitux by itself for the 30-40 min (in the beginning, I'd have to wait 1 hr in between...agony to have "more time" to sit at the "cancer center") but then they realized that no one was having an allergic reaction after their 1st dose. I rememeber back (and I did make notes, but one couldn't pay me to revisit that book right now...if not ever) to the evening or 2 after my 1st and 2nd dose and I called my Dr crying because I felt like I had a bad sunburn on my face and lips. The hotness feeling continued, but waxed and waned. The white pimple like spots started to crop up like wildfire on my nose and there was no stopping it. Then my chin, then my cheeks, and all over my face. I tried Clindomycin (sp? which was too drying), Triminacolone cream (beware, steriod cream takes redness away but is like fertilizer to acne), Elidel (studies have shown can cause cancer! ha! and cream seemed to only feel soothing), and then the Derm. gave me something for Rosacia. The rash was localized to my face. I am 35 and never had acne. So that was fun. Now I have blotchy scaring and it's just going away, 4 mos. post chemo. The weirdest part about Erbitux was the curling of the eyelashes, eyebrows looked thicker, and not sure if it was from the chemo knocking out my fertity at the time or from the steroid face cream, but I developed fine hairs on my cheeks. It's gone now. (not really noticable though) My eyelashes are still funky when applying mascara. Most of them would grow super long but straight. My eye dr had to pull some out as they'd start to grow towards my eyes. On one occassion towards the end of chemo, I must have pulled (w/ tweezers) about 15 defunct eyelashes per eye. Strange. I'll check in more often, especially after my colonoscopy. I am rarely on this board (busy w/ 3 little ones) and I must run now! PS--major symptom w/ chemo was and is the neuropathy (fingers, hands, feet, ankles) i wrote in on this a few weeks ago feel free to email me directly if anyone has any questions i also want a t-shirt (especially a SURVIVOR one) any idea on where to find this? thanks melanie
Sue I will ask my Dr. about Eritux right now I am on Taxatere 3 weeks on 1 week off. Good luck with your treatment. Your in my prayers Cheryl
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